Sunday, 041915, Team Training

Team : 
A. guy / girl
100 double unders each 
100 kipping hspu: 10/10/10/7/7/5s/4 to finish
50 front rack walking lunge 160/100 on axle 
50 shoulder to OH (same axle)
50 front rack walking lunge 
100 double unders each 
**2 axle bars
14:58 with Andie
Need to work transition time a bit more. 
A. Back SqT – 85% of recent 1RM for 1x amrap: 10@253
B. Bottom Up front SqT – heavy double for the day in 12-15 min: 1@
C. 45 min row – max meters: 10394
Tried to maintain 2:05 for first 10:00 and last 10:00
D. Recovery 

Saturday, 041815, Team Training


A. Thruster – build to 5RM + 1×5@90%
165 for 4rm
160 for 4 again 
145 for actual 5RM
B. Front SqT – 3RM @30X0: 105. 231#

C. Rowed at 2:05+/-
Thrusters: 30/15/15/15/13/12

Should’ve pushed for a bigger set in last set of thrusters. 


A. 16:56 with Shannon. 
B. 275 for 3

Saturday, 021415

A. SqT Clean – heavy triple, heavy double, heavy single: Triples at 209 (95kg). Doubles at 220 (100kg). Single at 227 (103kg).  Single 231 (105kg). *PR
B. Teams of 2
5 min max calories on bike 
85 clas with Lynn
*should switch every :15
C. Teams of 2
2500m row (swap every 250):1:46s
250 double unders (100 DUs/74kel/38/kel finished)
2500m row (swap every 250):1:48s
22:02 with Kel.

Tuesday, 021015

A. 7RM TnG Power Snatch 113
B. Power Clean (high blocks, above knee) x 3 + split jerk x 1; build to max in complex here 183
C. Snatch Pull from knee (vertical shin) 4×3 @173
D. @110%
10 cal bike (Airdyne)
15 Russian KB Swings (70)
30 double unders
rest 4 min x 4
D. 1:32/1:39(DUs not ub)/1:34/1:32 *Airdyne + 70# KB
E. Bike
:20 HARD / :40 easy no arms x 14 min

Food Prep: How to Set Up Your Week for Success

Alright, so we’re a week and a few days into our latest and greatest fitness challenge. So many of you are off to a great start, and I’m more than excited to show you how this style of eating with prolong the life of your fitness and show you better results over time.

As I gathered my Sunday goodies this week, I realized there are so many small things I have learned throughout the past six months. A very dear friend told me, “Chip away at the small things, and the big things will come.” I can’t reiterate how important this mindset is when you’re taking on a new approach to eating/dieting/fueling. For many of you, this is going to be a lifestyle change that you will continue to improve upon for months on end. I find that now that I have a better handle on what types of food I need to meet my macros, I can add more variety to my food.

Food prep on Sundays has become one of my favorite things to do. It’s also one of the most important steps for me to be able to eat well throughout the week. Just like so many of you, I get home late or am starving by the time I need to eat. Prepping the meals for the rest of the week has made eating well a synch, comparably speaking.

Remember, each of you have different goals for this challenge. Mine, as I’ve told many of you, is to lean out while fueling the best daily performance. I’m in my final 18 days (GASP!) before the open starts, so I’m also trying to eliminate more processed foods if my timing will allow it.

Although this isn’t structured meal by meal, you get the idea of what I am consuming at different points throughout the day. Here are my meals for the week:

Recovery Rice Crispies:

Turkey Meatballs:

Mini Cauliflower Pizza Bites:

Cauliflower & Spinach Breakfast Bread:

Pulled Pork

White Rice

Mini Bean-and-Cheese Quesadilla: 55 grams of black beans, 1 tablespoon salsa, and 7 grams of cheese in a small corn tortilla. I wrap them in individual foils and stick in a plastic bin to grab and reheat.

For me, I typically work out in the mornings, and then three days per week, I so a second workout in the afternoon. I typically do my first workout fasted or with a small amount of carbohydrates (i.e. a banana or cereal bar) in the morning. After my first session, I immediately have an SFH protein shake, a banana, and a starchy carbohydrate, which is this week’s protein recovery rice crispy treats. As my system calms down and I get hungry, I’ll reheat my breakfast, which has more carbs and a heavy dose of protein and fat. This week, I’ll have two egg cups, and a cup of rice (*Note this is different than on days that I’m not working out or working out later in the day).

After about three hours, I usually complete my second session for the day, which is followed by another dose of a SFH protein shake, a banana, and a mini black bean taco.

I’ll then eat a high protein, higher fat meal of chicken meatballs, spaghetti squash and a cauliflower/spinach pancake as this will be heading into my part of the day that is most stagnant (i.e. my need for the least amount of carbs).

For dinner, I’ll take a look at my macros, and try to eat the remainder of my calories to hit exactly what I need to round out my day. This week, I’ll have pulled pork with brussel sprouts and a little bit of rice to round out my macros. The rice helps fuel my performance for the next morning and provides energy for my muscles to restore while I sleep.

As I close out my day, one BIG tip I’ve learned is that it’s best to enter my meals throughout the day. That way, I always have a running tally in my head of what else I need to consume, and I’m less likely to forget snacks or meals. On the days that I enter it all at night, it’s much harder to meet my numbers with the correct balance, and I always end up remembering stuff I ate when I’ve already gone over my numbers.

Hope that helps!

Monday, 020915

A. Power Clean + Front SqT + Push Jerk x 2; build to heavy in complex in 15 min or so
B. Push Press – build to 2RM + 2×2@90%
153, drops at 138
C. 500m Row x 8; rest 2:30

A. Back SqT – 2RM for the day + 2×2@90%
B. running clock
5 min of burpees to 6″ target
directly into SqT Clean Thruster – 7 minutes to hit 1RM
directly into 5 min amrap of, @competition pace
7 box jumps (24/20)
9 T2B
11 Should to overhead (115/83)

Saturday, 020715

A. 5 bar lateral burpees + 20 double unders + Hang Snatch + TnG Snatch – Ladder
every :90 or so
A. Ended complete complex at 65kg(143). Hit the hang twice in 68(150). Failed the tng
B. Afap – Go Go Go!
20 hspu
30 bar lateral Burpees
40 front squats (135/93
B. 3:53. HSPUs ub. 20/10/10. Should’ve hammered in squats on final 10. Too slow
C. For time:
50 Russian kb swings 53
500m row
40 alt kb lunges (hold in goblet) 53
40 box jumps (20)
300m row
30 Shoulder to OH with KB (swapping every 5 reps with KB)
20 cal bike
20 kb Cleans (alt arms)
100 double unders
10 Burpee muscle ups
C. 24:47

Friday, 020615

A. Clean & Jerk; build to heave single in an every :90 for lifts. for 10-15 lifts, starting at about 70% or so 
209, cleaned 220 x2
B. some lighter drop sets, working speed between triples and doubles at 165
C. 13.4
7 min clock as many rds as you can, ascending ladder 
3 clean and jerks 93
96. Should do more tng. go fast on the bar with tngs for last minute. 
Muscle up work: 2/2/1/1/1/1
C.Back SqT – 3×3 @90% of Mondays SqTs 
D. Accumulate 2-3 min of Pbars L-Sits
E. 3 rds 
25 reverse hyper @25%
20 banded scap squeezes 
30’ waiters carry each arm 
10 weighted GHD Situps 
10-12 double DB seated bent over rows 
F. 10-20 min Recovery Session at Z1 Pace: 3808

Fueled by Complete Athletic Performance, CrossFit Free & CrossFit Portsmouth