05/20/15 gymnastics cycle day seven

3 Rounds:
500m row/300m row/200m row
10 deads
10 high pulls
10 strict presses
10 back squats
A. Clean + 2 jerks: 198
B. Behind the neck split jerk: 198(90kg)
50 unbroken wallballs (1:36, not hard in muscles, breathing a bit slow to begin MUs)
10 muscle ups (felt like I was pulling the world. Focus more on length and swooping of body)
1k row
5 muscle ups
50 toes to bar (felt really shitty in lats here)
Honestly felt like shit today in regard to shoulder fatigue. Felt weak and not mobile. Breathing is fine. Technique in clean is getting easier and better. Need to focus on allowing the bar to oscelate in the dip. Thoracic still tight. Will work on repeatedly. 

05/19/15 gymnastics cycle day six 

A. 50 shoulder taps: 1:07
Lost core at 40
B. Gymnastics focus now + long aerobic
1k ski erg 5:02 HR 135
2k row HR 164
1k ski erg 5:00 HR 168
50 butterfly c2b ~4:36 from walk off rower in comp room to total reps completed. HR at 171

Good benchmark to test here. 

C. Waiters carry -30-40′ x 5 each arm @26#

A. 71kg to focus on feet
B. Amrap 20 – bike is paces approp
5 strict hspu
10 cal bike
50 double under
8+13. 7/8 HSPU sets unbroken. Only did 4+1 in final set. 3 sets of dubs unbroken. Shoulders felt fine.
C. Cool down stretch.

05/18/15 gymnastics cycle day five

A. 25:00+ Snatching to a heavy single
Focus on moving feet. Stopped when feet stopped moving. Finished at 150(68kg). Then hit three perfect singles at 121(55kg). 
B. 2 rounds:
5 rope climbs
10 snatches at 73#
20 ub thrusters
40 double unders
Rest 1:1
Waiting to go unbroken in something is a good mental focus to get better on pushing thresholds. Teaches me to go more on feeling and forces you to fight for reps. Dubs were a nightmare today. Maybe all the shoulders. Shoe was untied in first one, stupid shit that I need to tighten up. 

A. 2 muscle ups every 1:15×6
B. 1 muscle up every :35×7
C. 1 muscle up every :40×3: got shitty here and habits came back. But finished.
D. Weighted semi pronated pull ups on rings
6×3-4: 4@5#, 4@7.5#, 4@10#, 4@12#, 3@15, 3@15
E. 4 rounds:
12 banded tricep extensions (blue)
10 BB curls at 33#
E. Towel pull-ups at bodyweight
5, 4, 4, 4
F. Cool down shoulder stretches

05/16/15 gymnastics cycle day four

A. Skill warm up: 
5 semi pronated pull ups
5 dips 
50 unbroken dubs
3 rounds. Mobilize in between 
B. Muscle ups:
Every :90: 4/2/3/2/2
C. 600m forward
200m backward 
200m forward 
Tabata GHD for 50
30 sdhp (93)
D. Snatch: 132
E. ME hs walk in 3:00
F. Muscle ups with Jay Grimes 

05/15/15 gymnastics cycle day three

A. Stairs 5×5, 35kg for one, 45kg for rest
B. Snatch: green plates to force feet to jump hard and move. Fix receiving position, feel bar further behind head. More weight in heels. Need to focus on: more upward movement, no worming under the bar, jumping hard, using the lats to pull back on the bar, receive the bar behind ears.
Climbed by 5# as much as possible to get lots of reps.
Ended at 160#, but felt the feet fail to move. Finished at 121# to re-enforce good positions.
C. Stairs 5×5, 45kg
D. 1RM deficit HSPU: 9.5″
E. 7×2 2” deficit HSPU: Did as EMO:30 to give myself some understanding of rest. Could maybe go to :25.
F. 5 legless rope climbs, and legless on the way down: 3 as written. 2 I could only climb to about 12’. I even waited 2:00 or so to see if it’d help. It didn’t help. My finger tips went. Bad kip. Still needs work.
G. 5k AFAP: 29:02

05/13/15 gymnastics cycle day two

A. Barbell snatch work: 
Reset bottom position: allow bow of the knees at the bottom set up but should drive theough quads to come up. Create swoop with bar to create upward motion. Get onto toes!!!! Inward rotation of elbows. High pull upward. No shrug. Slam your effin feet. Hard. Like some Russian. 
B1. Muscle snatch 
B2. 3-position snatch with perfect feet: 116#
Spent 45:00 snatching so I figured I should move on. 
C. 50 shoulder taps. Really fast. Got weak in the core. Did 38, then 8, then 4. 
D. Row
10:00: :35on/:25off: 1400 meters
160m/151m/153m/153m/154m/155m/155m/156m/155m/160m. HR: 156. Peak 169
Should probably aim for higher meter count. 165 average to push it. 
20:00 steady pace: 4238 meters
0-10:00 chased 2:20. Averaged 2:18. HR: 150
10:00-20:00 chased 2:15. Averaged 2:16. HR: 150
E. Mobility-central post work. Good 45:00 mobilizing. 

05/12/15 gymnastic cycle day one

A. Muscle up: 2 every 1:30×5
B. Continue every :45 for singles x 10
C. Negative muscle ups x 5
D. 2:30 accumulate static handstand hold. 
E. Eccentric DB SA bent over rows 4 sets of 6 reps at 30# 
F. Behind the neck jerk: Working up doubles. 25:00 minutes. Climbing by 10#. Ended at 187 but felt press out. Went back down to 176 for a double. Ended with two sets of triples at 143. 
A. 30 thrusters (63#)
800m run 
20 thrusters 
1600m run
*all thrusters unbroken 
1:57 for first 400m: average HR at 165
2:04 for second 400m: average HR at 171
:52 for 20 thrusters: average HR at 171 
8:46 for final mile By the time I hit LAP on my watch.  <yikes: average HR at 181
14:25 I think
Average HR: 165
Peak HR: 187

Wednesday, 042915

A. Power Clean + below knee hang power clean + above knee power clean; build to max in 16 minutes 

187: tried to go to 198. Didn’t have it. 

B. Snatch Pull 4×3 100%; rest 2:30between (not TnG) straps are ok if hand issues. if not, don’t use them 

C. EMOM x 20 

odd: 5-7 c2b + 7 t2b (staying on bar)

even: 4 HIGH box jumps (relative to the athlete) 

6CTB/7T2B for all rounds 

Just enough. Probably should’ve done 7 CTBs and a little higher box jumps 


A. 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 of UB double unders 

4:29. All unbroken 

rest few min 

5-10 min of triple under practice 

B. 45 min total on bike 

20 min  

:30 on hard

:30 on easy 

then, straight into


10 min – constant at hard effort aerobic pace 



15 min at 50-60% recovery (throw mask on if you have)

Sunday, 041915, Team Training

Team : 
A. guy / girl
100 double unders each 
100 kipping hspu: 10/10/10/7/7/5s/4 to finish
50 front rack walking lunge 160/100 on axle 
50 shoulder to OH (same axle)
50 front rack walking lunge 
100 double unders each 
**2 axle bars
14:58 with Andie
Need to work transition time a bit more. 
A. Back SqT – 85% of recent 1RM for 1x amrap: 10@253
B. Bottom Up front SqT – heavy double for the day in 12-15 min: 1@
C. 45 min row – max meters: 10394
Tried to maintain 2:05 for first 10:00 and last 10:00
D. Recovery 

Saturday, 041815, Team Training


A. Thruster – build to 5RM + 1×5@90%
165 for 4rm
160 for 4 again 
145 for actual 5RM
B. Front SqT – 3RM @30X0: 105. 231#

C. Rowed at 2:05+/-
Thrusters: 30/15/15/15/13/12

Should’ve pushed for a bigger set in last set of thrusters. 


A. 16:56 with Shannon. 
B. 275 for 3